New Carrier & GL Class Codes Available

With its fully loaded quote, bind, issue and renew technology, now’s a great time to make it your go to for small business risks.

What’s new with The Connector?

  • Westchester – giving you the choice of 3 top rated carrier (with more to come soon)
  • 50 additional GL class codes – our total is now 280+, all of which can be bound online

What we always deliver:

  • One simplified question set – regardless of the number of LOBs needed
  • Bindable quotes – from multiple markets, for multiple lines
  • We never ask for – ACORD forms, supplemental applications, or loss runs
  • Bind online – immediately, and your premium will not change unless you alter the risk’s information
  • Sign, issue and pay immediately – you can take care of all three right in The Connector

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