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Built for the way you do business – innovative technology, top-tier service, and top-rated carriers. It’s a new way of thinking about small commercial E&S insurance!

It is the vision of Patrick G. Ryan, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ryan Specialty Group and widely respected insurance entrepreneur, to provide an efficient, high quality solution for small commercial E&S and specialty business. Pat imagined a simplified risk marketing through policy issuance and renewal process for these risks, which would free retail brokers and agents to focus on growth and profitability. After several years of development, The Connector was created to enable retail brokers and agents to place their small commercial E&S risks more efficiently, thereby driving down their operating costs, improving their margins, and providing a more competitive outcome for their clients.

We have redefined the E&S risk marketing process for our brokers / agents – simplifying the question set, eliminating extra steps like supplemental applications, and fully loading a quote up-front so that it never changes. By rewriting the rule book on small commercial E&S, our retail brokers / agents are empowered to rate, quote, bind and issue in minutes via our fully automated process.

Many top-rated carriers are excited about this vision and are working with us to make it happen! To provide the best service to our retail brokers / agents, we automatically refer risks that do not fit The Connector’s appetite to RT Specialty.

We have redefined the E&S risk marketing process for our brokers / agents – simplifying the question sets, eliminating extra steps like supplemental applications, and fully loading a quote up front so that the quote never changes. By rewriting the rule book on small commercial E&S, we have empowered our retail brokers / agents as the entire rate, quote, bind, purchase, issue and renewal process is fully automated. So much so, it takes as little as three minutes to deliver a policy!

Many A rated carriers have been excited about this vision and have worked with us to make it happen. The Connector has great products with excellent carriers at our brokers’ and agents’ fingertips. So that we can provide the best service to our retail brokers and agents, we created an automated referral to RT Specialty for any risk that does not fit The Connector appetite. At all times, the retail broker / agent can be confident that they will be served and that all of their risks will receive a quote.

The Connector platform is just at the beginning of the journey to transform small commercial E&S and specialty insurance. We have a fantastic start and are seeking more retail brokers and agents to join us in fulfilling Pat’s vision for small commercial E&S risks.

RT Specialty is a leading wholesale distributor of specialty insurance products and services. RT’s specialist brokers handle an expansive mix of property, casualty, professional lines, transportation, personal lines and workers’ compensation insurance products. RT Specialty is structured to align with the retail broker practice group verticals and to partner with the E&S carrier experts so that collectively RT brings the best solutions to the insured for increasingly complex risks. RT Specialty combines our entrepreneurial spirit with advanced risk modeling, market access, and claims advocacy to provide excellent solutions to clients.

The architecture of RT Specialty is built on a foundation of talent, innovation and execution. RT believes clients are best served by a team of professionals who work collaboratively and collectively through meaningful teamwork among agents, brokers and carriers. RT Specialty thrives on a challenge; RT’s wholesale specialty risk professionals have deep experience and the drive to find superior placement for even the toughest risks. Regardless of account size, big or small, RT is dedicated to providing lightning fast, expert advice, advocacy and execution on behalf of retail broker clients.

Providing The Connector technology to clients, RT enables their retail clients to handle small commercial E&S risks more efficiently and more profitably than what has been previously possible. If a risk doesn’t fit The Connector’s appetite, then the submission is automatically referred to RT Specialty in full. This seamless transmission means that The Connector client does not need to fill out another application and is provided uninterrupted service. Once a risk is submitted into The Connector, the whole of RT Specialty is there to support clients as needed.

For more information on RT Specialty, please visit rtspecialty.com.

Ryan Specialty Group is a leading international specialty insurance organization that provides wholesale brokerage (through RT Specialty) and highly specialized managing general underwriting companies (within RSG Underwriting Managers) designed specifically for brokers, agents and insurance carriers. RSG has nearly 2,500 employees with operations in North American, the United Kingdom and Europe.

RSG was founded in 2010 by Patrick G. Ryan, the widely respected insurance veteran, founder and former Chairman and CEO of Aon Corporation. Mr. Ryan saw a need in the marketplace for a specialty organization dedicated exclusively to creating sophisticated insurance solutions for risks that demand innovation, proven leadership, outstanding industry expertise, and quality services on behalf of brokers, agents and carriers.

The Connector has been created and developed by Ryan Specialty Group to better serve clients with a high quality, sophisticated digital solution for their small commercial E&S business.

For more information on Ryan Specialty Group, please visit ryansg.com.

The Connector Team

Chicago, IL

Business Operations

Our Business Operations team is located in Chicago, right alongside critical functional groups from Ryan Specialty Group and RT Specialty. This team consists of key executives, operations, product and distribution resources that provide all levels of support to our end users, agencies and partners. Diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurial start-ups, Insurtech, underwriting and business development ensure that The Connector remains connected to the E&S market, has a fresh eye on innovation, and will always deliver the best digital experience.

Buffalo, NY

Product Development

Our Product Development team is located in Buffalo, NY, where the Queen City has quickly become the hub for tech savvy startups and innovators. From solution design to development to quality assurance, the technical expertise of this team provides a nimble foundation for continual enhancement of The Connector. This group of professionals prides itself in working in an agile fashion, and bridges the gap between business requirements and technical design & functionality with ease and precision.

The Connector team, led by CEO Kathy Burns, brings together over 50 insurance professionals with a wide range of industry expertise, including technology, operations, distribution and product development. This team has one goal… simplify E&S and specialty insurance for SME business using cutting edge technology and top-rated carriers, while enabling insurance brokers and agents to develop clients in ways that are smarter, faster and more profitable.

The Connector has attracted the best entrepreneurial, insurance, and technical minds in the industry. They bring their experience of building innovative products together with state-of-the-art online technologies to create efficient, money saving, and simplified small commercial E&S marketing, placement and service.

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